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In , actress Claudine Barretto confirmed that she and her actor then-husband Raymart Santiago have already separated. It was in when the two celebrities tied the knot. Claudine and Raymart have two kids — Sabina and Santino. Although they are no longer together now as a couple, it is visible that their love for their children made them set aside their differences. He previously expressed that he is also permitted by the actress to visit their children. The celebrity ex-couple also recently reunited at a school event of their eldest daughter wherein two of them went emotional as Sabina revealed what she wants in life. Both Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago are living separate lives now. On his part, Raymart is still active on the acting field. With regards to his love life, he is currently linked to Sen. Their relationship is reportedly quite long already.

MEET: Raymart Santiago’s Rumored Non-Showbiz Girlfriend ‘AC Legarda’

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Jan 24,  · Claudine Serenaded by Husband Raymart, SOP, Jan. 24’10 zagvut. Dating Relationship History & Ex Girlfriends/Ex Wife of RAYMART SANTIAGO – Duration.

Here are 10 of the most talked about “I dos” in the past three decades: Four years later, they had their first leisure ice cream date at the Araneta Center, spurring a seven-year romance which eventually led to a proposal at the Abaca Beach Resort in Cebu. In a shameless display of affection, a teary-eyed Mar Roxas publicly professed his undying love for his celebrity newscaster girlfriend amidst the giddy shrieks of Wowowee audience members on April 25, A few months later, the couple swapped rings in what the Manila Bulletin described as the “wedding of the year.

Domingo church with an estimated attendance of 4, guests composed of political and showbiz personalities and their relatives. But after being forced to work together on the set of Krystala in , where Judy Ann played the title role and Ryan played her beau, the two eventually warmed up to each other and fell in love.

Stars like Sharon Cuneta, Ogie Alcasid, Regine Velasquez, and Agot Isidro were present at the event as matron of honor and wedding singers, respectively. The happy couple originally planned their nuptials in , but decided to move it a year later in fear of “sukob” pun intended. The couple had their dream wedding at the elegantly set-up golf course of the majestic Tagaytay Highlands. The wedding was attended by at least people, and witnessed by thousands of viewers who tuned in to the TV broadcast.

Their wedding reception was held at the same place, where Abunda reportedly cooked Kare-kare and Sotanghon for the five close friends in attendance. Their first wedding took place on May Magazine says it was love at first sight.

Randy and Marilou Santiago release statement on son Ryan’s death

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RAYMART SANTIAGO – The action star Raymart Santiago allegedly has a girlfriend, AC Legarda, reportedly a cousin of a famous politician. Raymart Santiago is one of the iconic action stars of the Philippine entertainment industry.

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MANILA — She was prepared to set aside their marital woes, but actress Claudine Barretto on Monday blamed her husband Raymart Santiago after her son Santino .

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Raymart takes out kids on Santino’s birthday

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Raymart Santiago (born July 20, ) is a Filipino, TV host, actor, and comedian.

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Raymart Santiago has been in a relationship with Gelli de Belen ( – ). About Raymart Santiago is a 45 year old Filipino Actor born on 20th July, in Manila, : Jul 20,

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Dating Relationship History & Ex Boyfriends of ARCI MUNOZ