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Author Permission to Use Info Print PDF Most domestic violence, date rape, and other relationship assaults can be prevented or stopped through knowing and using relationship safety strategies and skills. For many years, our organization has taught workshops for programs serving people who are at risk of or survivors of domestic and dating violence. What could I have done differently? How can I keep my children and myself safe now? Here are 8 common questions we get about violence in intimate relationships, plus detailed strategies for assessing potential abuse or violence in relationships and how to make and carry out effective safety plans for the adults and any children who also may be affected. What is meant by domestic or dating violence?


The early writings on yoga were transcribed on fragile palm leaves that were easily damaged, destroyed or lost. The development of yoga can be traced back to over 5, years ago, but some researchers think that yoga may be up to 10, years old old. The word yoga was first mentioned in the oldest sacred texts, the Rig Veda. The Vedas were a collection of texts containing songs, mantras and rituals to be used by Brahmans, the Vedic priests.

Promoting safe dating handout funny and healthy. For teenagers tips for singles. Test your source for teenagers need some myths and lets you get tips for safe online dating violence. Online lesbian dating, join the leading online dating tips and parenting in the planet. Home; speed dating teen dating violence.

Serving as a strong advocate for quality health care for women. Maintaining the highest standards of clinical practice and continuing education for its members. Promoting patient education and stimulating patient understanding of and involvement in medical care. What does ACOG say about women who go past the estimated 40 week due date? I wanted to find out and they indeed have their recommendations and opinions on post dates in a handout here.

Most women give birth between 38 and 42 weeks of pregnancy. But very few babies are born on their due dates.

Relationship Skills

Stray electrical cables or obstructions of walkways Possible unauthorized visitors Technology and Internet Health and Safety With computers the norm in most offices, it’s important to keep in mind health related issues that accompany heavy computer use, as well as how to prevent internet related problems. Never open emails sent by an unspecified sender or a sender you are unsure about. They may contain viruses that could infect your work computer. Don’t send money or personal information such as address, credit card numbers and social security number to anyone via email or in chat rooms.

Ensure your computer is virus protected and checked periodically by an IT specialist.

Dating-Domestic Violence can affect anyone, regardless of age, race, class, gender, education, religion, sexual orientation, etc ♦ 1 in 3 teen relationships is violent.

Provide Bullying Solutions In Person and Online Prevent and stop bullying, harassment, and cyber-bullying through awareness, action, and skills. Prepare adults to take leadership and kids to work as a team to create cultures of respect and safety for everyone. Prepare everyone to recognize unsafe or disrespectful behavior, to use positive communication to resolve problems, to speak up powerfully and respectfully, to stay in charge of their own behavior, to protect their feelings, and to get help.

Stop Child Abuse Keep children and teens safe from sexual abuse in ways that are fun, age-appropriate, and emotionally safe rather than upsetting. Kidpower provides boundary-setting and help-seeking skills for kids — and protection and advocacy skills for their adults. Create Safer Schools Prepare your school community with our positive and practical tools for educators, administrators, social workers, and parents to protect children and teens from harm and to empower young people with knowledge and skills for taking charge of their own well-being.

Learn more about how to bring Kidpower to your school! Stop Domestic and Dating Violence Learn Relationship Safety skills as an individual, professional, parent, or other adult leader to protect young people and at-risk adults from domestic, dating, and other interpersonal violence.

Give the Gift of Safety!

Scenarios for Discussion Cindy has been talking online to a girl named Julie for a few days now. Julie has told Cindy where she lives, how old she is, where she goes to school, and what she looks like. Julie asks Cindy what school she goes to. Is it okay for Cindy to tell her?

1. Form groups of 3 – 5 students. 2. Give each group the Promoting Safe Dating handout. 3. Explain that groups must plan and present promotional material as outlined in the handout.

Given the effects of witnessing domestic violence on children and youth, programs need to recognize the impact of trauma on children and youth entering their programs in addition to the needs of adult survivors. In order to adequately support healing and resiliency within children and youth in our programs and to break the inter-generational cycle of violence, we need to adopt trauma informed approaches, philosophies, policies, and advocacy.

According to the National Child Traumatic Stress Network , A trauma-informed child- and family-service system is one in which all parties involved recognize and respond to the impact of traumatic stress on those who have contact with the system including children, caregivers, and service providers. Programs and agencies within such a system infuse and sustain trauma awareness, knowledge, and skills into their organizational cultures, practices, and policies.

They act in collaboration with all those who are involved with the child, using the best available science, to facilitate and support the recovery and resiliency of the child and family. A service system with a trauma-informed perspective is one in which programs, agencies, and service providers:

Ontario’s Radical Sex Ed Curriculum

However, the biased mainstream media has orchestrated a massive political disinformation campaign, unleashing a barrage of hundreds, perhaps thousands of fake news articles to try making it look like there’s widespread support for keeping Kathleen Wynne’s age-inappropriate sex curriculum. The goal of the media’s political propaganda campaign is to pressure the new Ford government to abandon it’s promise to parents.

In these propaganda pieces, the media gives a platform to paid union activists, radical trans activists, and LGBTTIQ activists who do not at all represent the ordinary voting public which awarded Doug Ford a super majority, in large part, because of his campaign promise to repeal Wynne’s sex program.

Promoting Safe and Healthy Online Communities Resources in this section address digital safety and explore ways to create safe, healthy online spaces. Sections in this chapter include “Resources for Young People,” “Resources for Parents and Educators,” and “Resources for .

Traditional DVAM campaign events: They can range in complexity from large budget, national campaigns encouraging a specific segment of the population to get involved in domestic violence prevention, to small budget campaigns that highlight a local hotline number. Whatever the campaign, advocates may find it helpful to join forces with other anti-violence advocates, domestic violence prevention organizations, and community-based organizations.

Often larger campaigns are able to reach more people and have a greater impact on public opinion. Forming a coalition to launch a campaign or joining an existing coalition’s campaign can provide advocates with resources they otherwise might not be able to develop or access on their own. Provided below are descriptions of and resource information for various campaigns designed to raise public awareness of domestic violence.

The creators of these campaigns intended for them to be used and adapted throughout the years in communities across the states, tribal nations and territories.

Protective Behaviours: A personal safety program

Endorsements Once your school has a solid policy in place to address dating violence, you can begin educating your student body using Safe Dates, an evidence-based adolescent dating abuse prevention program. Highly engaging and interactive, Safe Dates helps teens recognize the difference between caring, supportive relationships and controlling, manipulative, or abusive dating relationships. Safe Dates is the only evidence-based curriculum that prevents dating abuse: Works as a prevention and intervention tool Has strong outcomes even after four years Is proven effective with boys as well as girls Addresses both teens who abuse and teens who are abused Acknowledges that either gender could play either role.

Safe Dates can be used as a dating abuse prevention tool for both male and female middle and high school students. Safe Dates would fit well within a health education, family life skills or general life skills curriculum.

The early stages of dating abuse usually involve one partner gaining control over. the other through excessive attention, jealousy, and guilt. Why is this stage often hard for a victim to recognize? How can it lead to more serious forms of • “The RESPECT Hotline” handout.

We hope you will find information of use and interest to you and those you serve. If you have any questions or comments, we welcome your thoughts: If you or someone you know need help, please call one of the crisis numbers below: Confidential online chat is also available at www. The work is done in accordance with legislation , and includes the Texas Education Agency and Education Service Centers. The following resources help educators learn about mental health intervention and development, substance abuse prevention and intervention, and suicide prevention.

Several of these programs are for curriculums to be used in the classroom, but many are knowledge-based for educators themselves. Additionally, the Best Practice Registry of the Suicide Prevention Resource Center includes best practice-based suicide prevention programs. Early Mental Health Intervention The Child Trauma Toolkit for Educators The Child Trauma Toolkit for Educators was developed to provide school administrators, teachers, staff, and concerned parents with basic information about working with traumatized children in the school system.

It is designed to reduce symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and behavioral problems, and to improve functioning, grades and attendance, peer and parent support, and coping skills.

Healthy Relationships

Professionals working with children and young people, parents, and community groups. Children and young people where appropriate. Ultimately the aim is to reduce violence in our community and prevent child abuse. The Protective Behaviours program was originally developed as a child abuse prevention program. Today however, Protective Behaviours has a much broader application, not merely focusing on abuse prevention but addressing empowerment, communication, self-esteem, resilience, social skills and other life skills.

Relationships Lesson 2 (CALM) – Handout: Promoting Safe Dating © 2 5. Use the following checklist to ensure you have created high quality promotional.

Art Classroom Health and Safety Know Your Workplace Safety training will be different in an office than in a warehouse or factory, but all employees will benefit from knowing how to stay safe. When you design a workplace training program, make sure it teaches both company policies as well as state and federal safety guidelines. Safety Scratch and Win Reward your employees for keeping their workplace safe with custom scratch-off cards that also stress a safety message.

Distribute the cards as a reward for a long accident-free streak or as an on-the-spot prize for observed safe behavior. They also make great hand-outs for employees who answer questions correctly during safety training programs. The cards work like scratch-off lottery tickets but reveal safety tips or slogans; cards with matching slogans earn prizes. Every employee gets a card filled with either traditional numbers or safety tips, pictures of equipment or other items relevant to the workplace.

For every day the workplace is accident-free, announce another square and offer rewards for every “bingo.

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