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Please inquire for availability. Life Ring is original and from the early ‘s. The family member was charged with placing orders for life rings and canvas sails for the ships at that time on the docks and this was a salesman sample used to show her buyers. It is made entirely of canvas, leather and manila rope exactly as the full size life ring would be. No markings, only light wear and aging from being over years old. Lot of 11 Antique Identified Demitasse Spoons c. This is a lot of 11 antique silver plated flatware demitasse spoons. There are no monograms on any of the spoons. The last demitasse spoon in the photo is actually a souvenir spoon, featuring an image of the Central Armory in Cleveland, Ohio. All spoons are very shiny, clean and in wonderful condition.

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See pics for detail. We are in the process of liquidating a 18 year accumulation of thousands of hand picked collectible and antique items. If you love vintage items, you will not be disappointed. Watch weekly for new listings that will surely peak your interest. We literally have hundreds of crates to go through containing most every type of collectible imaginable from a broad range of categories. This is a hand picked high end collection so keep watching, you will not be disappointed.

– complete online auction service in Hamilton and southern Ontario. Services include photographing,cataloging,managing sale,viewing and distribution of goods, onsite or at Bid2buy location.

We anticipate the issue being mailed during the week of October , and will be sent to all WRHS members. No need to adjust your monitor or clean your glasses. Update on Banner No. Attendees at our Annual Meeting in Ottumwa got a ‘sneak peek’ of the issue, and the current members attending the meeting were given their copies after the dinner on Saturday evening.

It pays to attend the annual meeting! When you receive your copy of No. Oh, by the way Check the Publications List page on this site for a list of the subjects in each of our publications. If you just can’t wait yeah, right! Its sole subject is scheduled to be a comprehensive look at the Wabash’s landmark P-1 Hudson locomotives:

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In Georgia Warning Any places listed in the Haunted Places requires permission to visit or investigate. Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities, trespassers will be prosecuted. Acworth – Allatoona Battlefield – Gunshots, voices, strange orbs of light, ghost train. Orbs of light by old grave of unknown Confederate soldier have been reported.

The Annual Meeting for will be held in the Wabash town of Ottumwa, Iowa on September 14, 15 and Meeting Headquarters will be located at the historic .

Thermal and Mechanical Shock Durability Our product offering includes open mold items as well as custom shapes and colors. Traffic Signal Lenses Kopp glass is the largest supplier of clear and colored glass lenses and pedestrian panels to the traffic signal market. Products include 8″ and 12″ ball traffic lenses as well as arrows and pedestrian panels.

Stenciling for arrows and pedestrian panels is done through our enameling process in our finishing department. Railroad Lenses Kopp Glass has been producing lenses and lantern globes for the railroad market since The demanding colors, tolerances, and durability of the original lenses still apply today. Marine Lenses Moisture and chemical resistant glass is perfectly suited for marine lighting fixture applications.

Unlike plastic lenses which can degrade with sun and salt exposure, clear and colored borosilicate glass can withstand the elements and maintain their original color and tolerances. Kopp marine lighting fixture glass is available in a wide range of colors and shapes and can be seen on bridges, ships,docks, and buoys, which are produced to military and international standards. We also produce lenses and cover glass for fountain lighting fixtures and swimming pool lighting fixtures.

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I don’t do appraisals on a commercial or professional level. I only give my opinion of value of a lantern or two that a private individual might have come across, or inherited. If you have a number of lanterns that you’re planning on selling, or auctioning, and need the values on them, you need to contact someone that is in the business of doing lantern appraisals.

I don’t have the expertise or ability to give values in these situations. I suggest you contact Sue Knous of Railroad Memories.

News > UK > This Britain A brief history of brothels The first bordellos were in the temples of Babylon, while in Ancient Greece they were run by the state. As the Government announces the latest.

Collectors are very passionate and many of them spend copious amounts of their free time researching, catalouging, and pursuing the hobby. At first it can be very confusting with between 10 and 20 variations on a single lantern model, but taking your time and talking with established collectors can really help you get going. As you can tell, it would be quite a task just to collect all the versions of one type of lantern!

This can be very confusing to new collectors, but just consider how it happened. A lantern manufacturer produced a given model from several different pieces, such as the base, verticals, horizontals, font, font holder, smoke dome, bail, and globe. If the company refined or changed one of these pieces it frequently still used the other pieces instead of reinventing the entire lantern at once.

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Included are many track maps and photographs of all the stations along with operational information Discovered again in the late ‘s when we moved the Cornell collection into our Archives facility they sat for another 13 years before being digitally remastered to compact disc. He was a fireman in Cadosia in when his Social Security started.

The railroad, the steamship, and the telegraph had a profound impact on logistic method during the last half of the 19th century. Beginning with the Crimean War (–56), telegraphic communication became an indispensable tool of command, intelligence, and operational coordination, particularly in.

Myles siding in Wyoming is named after a CNW employee, could you tell me his first name? I have letter written sometime during or just after the Civil War. It mentions seeing the train arrive at the station in Shakopee MN. Can you tell me when the rails arrived there? The line was built in I have a date of November 10th, for the start of service between Mendota and Shakopee. While two-bay covered hoppers were in service in the early 50s, grain was still moving in 40′ boxcars at that time.

I believe CNW’s first covered hoppers for grain were 3-bay PS-2s in , and those were used in malt or barley service.

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Blowing Rock firefighter Mark Lawrence said the building also housed a concession stand and a first aid area. Lawrence said the 1, square-foot building was one of the original depot buildings and had been moved to its present location in Lawrence said the building was completely engulfed in flames when firefighters arrived around 4 a. Approximately 40 firefighters, including members of the Boone Fire Department, battled the blaze. No injuries were reported.

JUNE 9 ANTIQUES, ART & COLLECTIBLES SALE. SAT. June 9, AM/ Preview N. KAWARTHA COMMUNITY CENTRE. Mcfadden Rd. Apsley ON. ANTIQUES: decoy collection, antique tools to include saws, wooden block & finishing planes, press drill, logging saws, ice block tongs, railroad tie lifting tongs, grain scoop, pat. rope maker, hand-held scales, drawknife, tobacco .

This is a virtual museum in cyberspace. Many are too delicate to handle. The restored and enlarged digital images presented here are often much easier to see than the original! Due to the ravages of age and technical factors, each image has typically required extensive restoration and modification using digital tools to eliminate defects and achieve what we believe is the most esthetic and historically accurate rendition of each picture.

Skillfully performing such magical transformations by digital image restoration requires considerable subjective judgment, artistry, originality , and creativity, as well as technology. Clarke, the famous science fiction writer once remarked that “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. For example, it is often feasible to improve color and contrast, modify brightness, remove stains, and recreate missing or damaged portions. We want you to be aware that the images on this website consequently are not the “exact” copies which many image archives prefer, and consequently caution researchers to compare original images when appropriate.

The CPRR Photographic History Museum is a family website that has been expanded with the help of people with similar interests who have submitted scans of railroad images and copies of 19th century articles and maps from their collections. Your contributions are welcome. Judah, What did the Chinese do when they finished working on the Transcontinental Railroad?

Others returned with their savings to their families in Canton.

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See pics for detail. If you are interested in vintage and primitive items dating back to the early ‘s through the ‘s, please click on our user ID and then click follow or save seller. We are in the process of liquidating a 18 year accumulation of thousands of hand picked collectible and antique items. If you love vintage items, you will not be disappointed.

Watch weekly for new listings that will surely peak your interest. We literally have hundreds of crates to go through containing most every type of collectible imaginable from a broad range of categories.

L Arc Lantern The first lantern Coleman produced, the L Arc Lantern released in , was the first of its kind. Designed for farm use, it was an unintuitive piece of equipment, but also a starting point.

Types of Railroad Collectibles Virginian Railway Memorabilia Value Guide The Virginian Railway started operations in and stopped service in for a total period of operations of 52 years. Railroads like Virginian Railway that were started after will not have as many valuable collectibles or antiques as older lines. Railroads from this period tend to have more items left so collectors have a much easier time finding items like passes, timetables, and manuals.

The types of items that will be valuable are typically unique or significant items like builder’s plates, daters, sealers, signs, and rarer lanterns. Virginian Railway operated after which means that many of the most common items you might find will not be especially valuable, these include items like timetables, pinbacks, menus, and other promotional items given out by the railroad.

These items tend to be quite common on the market today and typically will be worth only a couple dollars. If a railroad antique is dated or later, chances are that unless it is a very unique item, it will not be worth much if you want to sell. Virginian Railway operated routes across 2 states, this is an average amount across most railroads and is typical of small to mid size Eastern Railroads or mid size Western Railroads.

Items from railroads of this size tend to be of average rarity so there usually isn’t much of a premium price on items from these railroads unless the item is particularly hard to find Virginian Railway Operated Routes in the Following States:

Lanterns that lit our world. book 2 : old railroad, marine, fire, carriage, farm, & other lanterns

While the club does not maintain a model layout, there is no shortage of members who are interested in modeling. During the trip, a paper was passed around on which the names of those who would be interested in becoming members of a railroad fan club were placed. In November the club’s first annual banquet was held in the main dining room of the Cincinnati Union Terminal. The club has nine elected directors from whom the president, vice-president and secretary are chosen.

Appointed offices include treasurer, editor of the club newsletter, museum director, librarian, historian, field trip chairman, publicity chairman, trip chairman and the house committee chairman.

Collectible Lanterns: Including Household, Barn, and Railroad Lanterns from Makers Such as Dietz, Adlake, Embury, Etc. [L&w Books] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Lanterns shown here were designed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries to light primarily homes, barns.

That he may share Our Christmas cheer Dressed in his festive attire, the jockey has a unique and profound symbolic double meaning at Christmastime. As a hitching post, he can be seen as symbolizing a shepherd groomsman tending his sheep Washington’s horses. As a statue holding a lantern, he can be seen as holding the “guiding light” like the north star for kings coming to Bethlehem Washington crossing the Delaware.

Another incredible Christmas irony of the jockey statue is that the same American iron forges in Kenton, Ohio that manufactured the jockeys also developed the world’s largest iron toy industry in the late ‘s creating America’s modern-day “gift-giving” tradition around the time Santa Claus first appeared in the ‘s. One can imagine that little Jocko would have been proud that the legacy of his heroic death on banks of the Delaware river that frozen Christmas night and subsequent immortality as a statue would lead directly to spreading Christmas joy to future generations of children.

The earliest version of the Lawn Jockey, the original “Faithful Groomsman” would have probably looked like the replica above. Also, notice the many “jocko” features in the famous Gilbert Stuart full-length “Lansdowne” portrait of Washington. Did the painter get his composition idea from the statue in Washington’s lawn? Conversely, note that the deep “V” chest profile on the statue is in the style of an actual ‘s portrait or sculpture- a strong indicator that the statue identifies a real person: As Washington was a big hero and trendsetter in the ‘s, many patriots would have copied the statue for their own homes, mostly in the south where the horse farms were and a black groomsman statue would not seem out of place.

Washington’s Mount Vernon mansion was, and still is years later, the most copied home style in the US, so it would not be surprising to find a statue from the home being widely copied as well. Moreover, Washington’s favored architectural style was Greek see his city plan for Washington, DC , so a Greek-inspired statue would fit in perfectly. Mount Vernon also had a blacksmith shop on site that could have forged the statue.

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