First Sikh guardsman ‘faces discharge from Army after testing positive for cocaine’

At first sight, this may not seem extraordinary as there has been a growing population of Sikhs who have joined ranks of the NYPD. That right was finally won in , but NBC reported that it was an accommodation that Sikh officers had been working towards for about six years. Now, Sikhs who want to wear turbans while working, in adherence to their religious beliefs, must apply to do so through the NYPD office of equal employment, and each application is reviewed and decided individually. Turbans are required to be navy blue with the NYPD insignia pinned to the front. Kaur said in an interview with Desi Talk: The only reason people are interested is because of my dastar turban. Sikh Hofstra Student Sues U. Army for Violation of his Religious Beliefs ] At the same time that turbans were approved, in an effort to accommodate and promote religious diversity, the NYPD also changed its rule on beards, which were previously banned because they were not conducive to wearing air-purifying respirators, if ever necessary. Beards are generally supposed to be kept no longer than a half inch unless otherwise approved.

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Voices India’s indifference to the Sikh diaspora is damaging Western foreign policy towards the country. The problem is that the Indian elite sees any demand by Sikhs for justice over the anti.

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September 11 attacks

He felt the same way and for a few weeks we dated, spending every possible moment together getting to know each other. First, it was great to realise that not all Indian men are afraid to be with a white, divorced women for fear of what their parents will say. The second thing that happened really took me by surprise.

Jun 06,  · Operation Blue Star: How an Indian army raid on the Golden Temple ended in disaster Thirty years ago this week, in June , a tense stand-off erupted into violence at the heart of the Sikh .

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The strangeness lies in the fact that they are non-Indians who converted to Sikhism. Most of them attend the Miri Piri Academy MPA , an International boarding school in Amritsar where foreigners who converted to Sikhism leave their children to immerse themselves in the religion. She is Svetlana, a Russian-American national who has been teaching there for two years. We all are Sikhs, as ‘seekers of the truth’. The current student body represents 13 countries and 8 languages from various countries in Asia, Europe and America.

Although Sikhism does not have missionaries around the world, more white people are converting to Sikhism in the 21st century.

Meeta Kaur is the Managing Editor of the Sikh Love Stories Project, a story-telling project that reveals the inner lives of Sikh American women and men exploring love in revolutionary ways.

The Sikh Faith for Youth, in the form of questions and answers, is the need of the hour. If God made this world, why is there evil? If a Sikh took amrit and later lied, is he a true member of the Khalsa or not? Why do men and women sit separately in the gurdwara? A book like the one produced in Dallas is but one of a multitude of approaches to the challenge of appropriating Sikh faith in the next generation. Gurdwaras, Sikh youth camps and seminars are vital in this phase.

Being in the presence of the sangat, in the gurdwara or at a camp with a hundred other young people, can often serve to bring logic to these questions. In the case of the Sikhs, however, there is the added pressure of the visible identity given by their distinctive appearance. Sikhs do not cut their hair or shave. Therefore, especially for boys, peer pressure, compounded sometimes by peer ridicule, can be devastating. They shoved him around in the lavatories. Finally, we cut his hair.

Being a Sikh in America requires the nurturing of a strong inner sense of identity.

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My room is like a green garden.

Geographic distribution Sikh era Punjab. In the 19th century, Maharaja Ranjit Singh established a Punjabi kingdom based around the main geographical footprint of the country was the Punjab region to Khyber Pass in the west, to Kashmir in the north, to Sindh in the south, and Tibet in the east. The religious demography of the Kingdom was Muslim (70%), Sikh (17%), Hindu (13%).

Welcome to Sikh Faces. Below is some information on Sikhism, weddings and matrimonial services. The traditions emulated by Sikhs on their sikh matrimonial services are similar to other religions in India particularly hinduism. Pre-wedding Rituals Like several different weddings, shopping is surely an indispensable a piece of a Sikh marital. Sikhs start their searching for the marriage with all the buy of Rumalla Sahib – a couple of four pieces of fabric which are delightfully weaved and are utilized to blanket the Granth Sahib.

They additionally have a dinner through the entire wedding functions.

Operation Blue Star: How an Indian army raid on the Golden Temple ended in disaster

Members of all religions may visit Sikh temples Gurdwaras , but must observe certain rules: Sikhism recognises the concept of a multi-level approach to achieving one’s target as a disciple of the faith. For example, “Sahajdhari” slow adopters are Sikhs who have not donned the full 5Ks but are still Sikhs nevertheless.

Jul 13,  · Anderson Cooper joins a parade to celebrate the appointment of a new Chief on the Cape Coast of Ghana.

There is little consensus on what it should look like and how it should be worn. There is no specific colour and it can be wrapped tightly around the head or sit loosely; it can have a peak or a flat top or even be tilted, and when unfurled can measure anything up to 40 metres in length. It is a distinctive form of headdress that can be seen throughout countries in south and central Asia and north and west Africa, each of them having their own specific style and reasons for donning it.

For that they can thank Guru Gobind Singh , the 10th and last human guru of the faith, who called his followers together in April to the city of Anandpur in the north Indian state of Punjab to celebrate Baisakhi , the annual harvest festival. It was here that he formed the Khalsa the pure , a brother- and sisterhood of baptised Sikhs and issued a number of edicts that have shaped Sikhism and made it what we know today.

Principal among these was that Sikhs were to maintain five articles of faith, referred to as the five Ks because they all begin with the letter K in Punjabi. The most distinctive one is kesh: The other four are:

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Dec 11,  · A Sikh soldier today became the first guardsman to parade outside Buckingham Palace wearing a turban instead of the famous bearskin.

Share this article Share He told how he learned his brother was taken by Indian police after his sister law phoned him from the country. He said his brother was in India after recently getting married and was snatched from the street while out with his wife. Many of the protesters were wearing hoodies branded with Free Jaggi Now, pictured The demonstrators said the British Government have been ‘useless and incompetent’ in response to the incident Speaking at the protest, family said other relatives in India have been forced into hiding for fear of being arrested themselves Mr Johat was also forced to leave on November 9 over fears for his own safety.

He said police had tried to seize his brother’s passport but Mr Johat was able to hand it in to British officials in India. Justice’ and ‘FCO, do your job’. Mr Singh’s brother told the crowd: They have put the British government to their knees. He was subject to third degree torture. When somebody turns around and says I have been electrocuted to my ears, my nipples and my private parts, you can only imagine what he went through.

His brother told the crowd Mr Singh had been ‘subjected to third-degree torture and electric shocks’ Protesters, pictured, blocked the road outside the Foreign Office chanting ‘Free Jaggi Now’ ‘What do we want? Justice’ and ‘FCO, do your job’ The Sikh Federation helped organise the protest and said there had been a ‘dereliction of international law’ ‘He’s been held in an undisclosed location, it’s only now we know where he is.

His solicitors are only given an hour visitation. Not only have they broken him, they have broken the whole family and the community.

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Amritsar Golden Temple raid 30 years on: His young supporters had mounted a reign of terror and murder in Punjab, attacking police, terrifying villagers and extorting money. The Indian prime minister, Indira Gandhi, had originally seen Bhindranwale as a valuable political ally because of his popularity. When he turned against her, she had taken no action, even after he occupied the Golden Temple complex.

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Inni Kaur friend of the couple delivers the sikhya. Tanveer Kaur sister of the bride reads the hukum. Jasmine Kaur friend of the couple recites ardaas. We felt like it made the ceremony more meaningful to us. We also wanted to have diverse perspectives when it came to the messaging during the wedding. From Madhu Kaur sister of the bride: Her interpretation of the laava and its application to married life resonated deeply with me.

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