Arris Touchstone CM820 User Manual

How to configure your old Telstra or Optus modem to use with another Internet provider Most modems easily reconfigurable Popular manufacturers include belkin, Netgear and Netcomm Telstra, Optus and iiNet all deliver branded modems Mobile phones have a market model that most people can wrap their heads around. In exchange for 24 months of guaranteed service, mobile providers will furnish you with the latest handset for free or for a few dollars a month. The long contract offsets the price of a device that would otherwise cost you hundreds of dollars to buy upfront. And for many people who have had a broadband connection in the past or are coming from another provider , the equation is even more unappealing — you already have a modem, why commit to another 2 years for a piece of hardware that duplicates something you already own? With that in mind, many service providers now offer short contracts with no modem included, to attract people who want more flexibility, or are on short term leases, and who otherwise have the hardware already. A router is a device that takes that connection from the modem, and acts a multi-adaptor for many connections. Wi-Fi is a short-range wireless technology that allows devices within 50 metres or so to connect to your modem, share the internet connection, and also share other resources like printers and hard drives. Many modems are not built to meet the needs of a particular service provider. Even if you see Telstra or Optus branding all over the page, you can ignore all of that and cut straight through to the stuff that matters. Note — these are for basic settings.

Network interface device

Most users will find a WAN port on a network router. This port take in information from a high-speed Internet source, such as a cable modem , and splits it to multiple machines inside the home network. While the majority of home routers have four LAN ports, there can be as few as zero or an unlimited amount, although rarely more than eight.

These five ports all appear as rectangular holes on the back of the device. Each of them is designed to have a network cable plugged into it.

Allocated and Reserved AS blocks. Source: IANA AS Registry AUTONOMOUS SYSTEM NUMBERS (last updated ) The Autonomous System (AS) numbers are used by various routing protocols.

In accountancy, depreciation refers to two aspects of the same concept: Businesses depreciate long-term assets for both tax and accounting purposes. The former affects the balance sheet of a business or entity, and the latter affects the net income that they report. Generally the cost is allocated, as depreciation expense, among the periods in which the asset is expected to be used. This expense is recognized by businesses for financial reporting and tax purposes.

Methods of computing depreciation, and the periods over which assets are depreciated, may vary between asset types within the same business and may vary for tax purposes.

What an NBN connection looks like

Comment If you’ve ever tried extending a wireless network using a spare router you’ll know what a work of Satan it can be. I’ve tried many times and have given up after literally hours of swearing. So there was great excitement and a large dash of doubt when Netgear’s dedicated WiFi range extender turned up. I was sure it would work but more importantly, was it simple to set up? Set Up Out of the box, it was facile to connect it to my existing wireless network – I just pressed the WPS button you can’t miss it on the extender, ran downstairs and pressed the similar button on the original wireless router.

Older routers won’t have WPS buttons meaning you’ll have to connect to the extender using a computer over WiFi or using a network cable and configure it using the impressively simple wizard.

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Here’s how to hook your iPhone up to your TV, with or without wires. One of the easiest and most reliable methods is to use a wired connection. The adapter also replicates the iPod connector, so you can charge your device while playing the content. Plug the yellow video cable at the end of the adapter into an available analog video port on your TV.

Plug the red and white audio cables at the end of the adapter into the red and white audio ports corresponding to the yellow video input on your TV. Tune your TV to the appropriate composite video input. Apple developed a wireless technology called AirPlay specifically for streaming content from iOS devices to other devices that support it. Make sure that your iPhone is on the same wireless network as your other AirPlay devices.

On your iPhone, double-tap the Home button. Swipe the list that appears to the right, until you get to the volume and AirPlay settings. Tap the AirPlay button to bring up a list of supported AirPlay devices on your network. Tap the device to which you would like to stream. In the example below, we selected our Denon AVR receiver.

Skype and Logitech hook up on video calls

How much does it cost to use the NBN? So how much will it cost you? Take a look at our table of NBN plans and prices below. We’ve just finished updating it and after sorting through dozens of plans we can share some handy observations with you:

Bandwidth King writes Slide 23 of this power point presentation talks about Reset: With or without ISP defaults. Ok, that is the old method of the ISP providing a file in the dl directory, , which was not deleted by normal factory reset.

By Ariel Bogle April 6, , 3: April 3, , 7: AEST As of 4 p. AEST, Australians had downloaded more than 1, terabytes of data, a Telstra spokesperson confirmed, exceeding the amount consumed on the Feb. To make up for yet another outage on its network, Australia’s biggest telecommunications provider offered its customers a day of entirely free mobile data. Thanks to slow and sticky network speeds, however, the Sunday event did not become the Telstra lovefest the company may have hoped for.

The first occurred in February following an outage of mobile and Internet services on Feb. Another day, another Telstra outage Sunday’s additional freebie was offered after an afternoon of data and call problems on Mar. Not a week later, calls went down again for some customers. Free Telstra data day today. Might tether my laptop and download every full TV series I can think of.

The IT Guys (WA)

The NBN is in charge of providing highspeed broadband connections to every home and office in Australia. To make this happen, the NBN is using a range of broadband technologies, including: However any NBN connection means thinking about where your internet equipment is installed in your home or office so the faster broadband speeds work properly wherever you are in the building. If you are cabling a new or renovated home the most important principle is that all cabling should be “star wired Cat 6 cable” from a central location where the NBN equipment will ideally be installed.

This star wired cat 6 cabling you have installed can be used to connect telephone, computers, PC, laptops and even WiFi devices where you need them.

A stabbing rampage in Melbourne is being treated as a terrorism incident after Islamic state has claimed responsibility for the attack undertaken by Hassan Khalif Shire Ali.

A night of nightmares – psychological abuse as a child? Have been feeling quite depressed the last couple of days, as usual not the slightest idea why. Now last night I had one of the worst nights of nightmares I’ve ever had. I won’t go into all of them, suffice to say they went all night, and would continue on after I woke up. The worst one however was about my family, or more particularly my mother and an older brother; not sure which one as I have two older brothers who both appear to be competing with each other over their respective asshole-ness.

Kevin is 4 years older than me and was the one who visited at new years with his psycho son Phillip who bashed David in our own home the hearing for that’s in June. John is my oldest brother who terrified me as a child, one time chasing me with a fuckin tractor FFS. I’ve not seen him in 2 decades. My mother died when I was So anyway, from the dream I had just before that, in this dream I’d become so terrified from the previous dream I’d lost the plot and my head wasn’t presently reachable to communicate with.

In this second dream they’d put me in a small room with another on suite thing. I’d woken terrified this is all in my dream and went over to the door opening it and calling out to mum in this state to come and be with me. One of my older brothers came to the door and kicked me fair and square in the guts, shutting the door on me. I staggered back and lay on the bed, still in a state.

3G/4G USB Adapter Compatibility List for ASUS wireless routers and DSL modem routers

Permalink Looks like my decision to postpone connection to NBN until the last possible moment was a good one. The callers don’t seem to know that we have 18 mths. Anyway I’ll stick with my Telstra Fast Broadband with a speed boost, that delivers a constant Mbps down. We use the underground co-axial cable that was put in for Cable TV all those years ago. Where are all the ‘experts’ now, who were getting media attention supporting the Turnbull approach.

kangarooinoz writes I assumed that would change on nbn? Aussie Broadband being on-net or off-net is completely unrelated to the ADSL days where off-net meant Telstra was the only ISP with equipment and infrastructure in the area.

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